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The bed-e-byes interior collections are produced by a team with over 15 years' experience in fabrics and design and we specialise in the nursery industry. We understand what is important to consumers and we know how to manufacture our product to meet. Our world famous Room In A Box is the perfect package to get your baby’s nursery up and running in no time, ready for your new arrival.

Horndean Infant School accomodates almost three hundred children in separate age group. They value the outdoor experience kids love so much so they organize outdoor trips regardless of the weather all with the aim for the children to develop their mind in a confident and creative manner.

Northway Infant School is promoted as a happy and safe environment in which children are stimulated to develop independently. They maintain their high standards by valuing their staff and offering professional development.

The motto of this schools is "All Different, All Equal, All Achieving". They aim to help children develop enquiring and lively minds by having activities that result in having fun and learning at the same time.