Making memories for your children

Growing up you store all sorts of memories, from school and college, your first job, first crush and maybe the most important you remain with memories of your family. Parents are the ones you have your first adventures with, they are your first and lifetime friends, they are always there to support you and they give you strength. Parents are the ones who have a great impact in each of our lives.
Children Bonding
If you are now a parent you need to realize that you mean the world to your little ones, you can help them laugh, learn and love the world. As a parent you can shape the way your children perceive everything around them and since you are a good parent I know you want them to see the world with curious, hungry eyes, you want your children to see the beauty around them and you want them to care.

As we grew up we learned about life and about everything and everyone surrounding us. Yet, our perception was shaped with the help of our parents. The perception of your children upon the world is shaped by you. The memories they will have when they grow up depend on the way you talk to them, the way you teach them and also by the way you spend time with them.

So how about this? Try and do some engaging, educative and fun activity with your children every week, or twice a month. You, as a parent, have the ability to make them smile, help them embrace the world around with an open heart and teach them about what surrounds them so that they are able to make the difference between right and wrong, good or bad. You are for your them the superhero of their childhood.

You have so many activities to choose from, starting with the little things like playing together, painting and read them stories to visit museums, go tripping and help them learn about the outdoors and go to fun parks. There are so many activities you can have in order to have fun with your children while they both learn and make new memories.

Try to remember, what did you like to do when you were young? What are the best childhood memories of you and your parents? The answer to these questions could be a start. And keep in mind you are the one who knows your children the best. What do they like to do? Do they like to dance? Turn up the music and dance together. Do they like puzzles or Legos? Sit down with them and try to solve and build together. Maybe they are into history, than go and visit museums or they like outdoor activities, go hiking or biking. To be a great parent you have to know your children and engage in their activities. Be a part of their favourite activities, this will also help you relax and will help them be happy.

Keep in mind, a superhero parent does not have to go over the top, you don’t have to fall in the other extreme and please every little caprice of your children. You have to be by their side while doing small things like playing in the yard or by doing educational activities together. For them learning and having fun could be the same thing if you help them. Being a part of their growing process is an important factor, simply buying them things won’t do the trick.

Another aspect to keep in mind is that children these days have all sorts of gadgets to play with thus spending less time outside and less time playing with other kids their age. Don’t deny them the chance to play out door and socialize. Take them to the mountains or to the seaside, talk to other parents and organize trips so that the little ones make friends and learn how to communicate with each other.

Or how about simply throw a children’s party where they can play outside. It could be a themed party and you can involve them in the process of planning the party. They can choose the colours, the balloons, the plates and cups, and even bake a cake to go with the party. You can also organize sport contests, singing or spelling contests. Get creative, and if you need help you can always ask for other parent’s advice.

Family TimeIf you lack ideas you can search online for activities your children can do, be they at home or in different other places. Find out what sort of attractions there are close to your home that your children can enjoy. Or if you go on a family trip, search for locations you can spend time with your children so that they have a blast and enjoy themselves.

Create memories for your children as those will stick to them their whole lives. Even if they won’t remember everything, they will definitely remember that you spent time together. Be their childhood hero and help them learn and have fun. Pay attention to what they like and try to organize activities which will enhance their skills. You want your children to be happy and smart, kind and strong and in order for them to be that you have to help them have a great childhood with amazing, fund and educative activities.

Being a parent is no easy task yet is the best one in the world. In addition you are your children’s best friend and while they grow up they will always remember the time you spent together. If you help them grow into strong adults they will always appreciate you and they will always return to you for your love, your advice and your friendship.